A Book of Life
Legends say
That every soul you meet
Is a chapter in your book of life. 
But I think the book is given to you
And the people closest to you
Are like its cover and binding. 
Everyone and everything else
Are chapters that can be closed
At some point of time by leaving  space. 
But the cover and its binding
As what keeps you in one piece.
What keeps us from falling apart. 
The truth is that, it may fall out eventually,
But getting a new one
Is more work than a fullstop and some space.
We often forget the impact that the people closest to us have. The pain caused when they leaving is often not taken seriously until its too late. When they leave, just like what happens to a  book; many other relationships feel different or even get damaged. Their effects cannot be hidden and can definitely impact many of our decisions and actions
It will always feel like these people have the right to hurt us the most, but we tend to forget that this is the price we pay for getting close. And like most things in life it can be fixed. We just have to be careful and be sure to take time and effort into either mending it or maybe even replacing it if its unfix-able.
-Blazing Abyss

Image credits- https://www.jagranjosh.com/articles/ncert-book-for-class-10-hindi-pdf-1587617173-1#:~:text=NCERT%20Books%20for%20Class%2010%20Hindi

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